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Each week we gather on a Sunday to connect with God and each other. It is not about doing religious things or having the professionals talk to God for us – it is about encountering God for real. This is a celebration of all God has done in our lives and also a catalyst for the week ahead.

A typical church service starts with a buzz as people chat and hang out in the foyer, and at this time the kids are checked-in for their program which starts at the same time as church. Then the band kicks off to lead us in some great songs about who God is and how we can respond to Him.

Before too long there is a welcome (special treatment for guests) and some updates about things going on in church life. We talk about giving and generosity, volunteering, gathering and growing with others and how we can make a difference both locally and beyond.

Each week there is a great message from one of our team about the life we are called to lead in following Jesus together. The goal of these messages is to bring the truth of the bible into our everyday lives. During the service there is also time for prayer and people experience God in real ways, right where they are at.

Finally, the party kicks on in the foyer as our cafe team goes into full swing and people spend plenty of time catching up with old friends and making new ones.