Women’s Prayer Night
  • 25 Rae Street Belconnen

Women’s Prayer Night

A little while ago I found myself kneeling in prayer for the women of our church.  As I prayed I felt God commission me to lead the women of C3 Belconnen to their knees, in prayer.  In a world that doesn’t allow space I am determined to create that space for women to gather and the Holy Spirit to minister.  Space for you to pray with your daughters, your sisters, with your comrades.

As we gather I see an army of women, boots on, swords raised, voices lifted in prayer.  Together we can lift up and fight for our husbands, our husbands to be, our families, our children, our careers, our schools, our universities. Together we can lay hands on each other and enjoy the intimacy that can only rise in prayer.  A new day that can only be birthed in prayer and space. So please come join me as we gather together.

See you there,

Ps Melissa