Our primary focus at C3 Belconnen is to help people follow Jesus together. This impacts the way we go about church life, and where we place our attention and resources. It means we are big on community, gathering together and supporting one another.

There are three key values for us that shape our culture – the way we do church life.


– this means church is a place to belong, not just attend
– it is a place to feel comfortable and to invite others to
– it means we are all a vital part of what goes on, not just observers of what others do
– all our environments and meetings are as much about connection and experience as they are about information


– we do this Christian life together
– we are not interested in isolated Christian experience, but growing alongside others
– we grow together in groups, in homes and other locations in day to day life
– being part of a group and/or a team is a key discipleship platform for us
– we celebrate and support each other and share what God is doing in our lives


– church is not done by the professionals for everyone else to experience
– we all have a part to play, we all have something to contribute
– abilities, passions, giftings and interests are unique to each person
– we always find the most satisfied people are those who are engaged and involved
– ultimately, what we are doing is not just about us
– we are part of something much bigger, and will give our all

“In practical terms, we do all this through services, events, groups and gatherings from our hub in the heart of Belconnen. As we continue to grow there will be more services here, like our new service in Gungahlin. We know that what God has called us to is bigger than just us, and can’t wait to see it all unfold.